SimpleSlice-Multi-Functional Food Slicer

SimpleSlice-Multi-Functional Food Slicer Posted: January 1, 2021

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Product Description

Start slicing like a professional

Ditch the traditional way of cutting for a far quicker and better way of slicing the veggies! SimpleSlice makes the cutting work easy, safe and always sliced to perfection!

Whatever the recipe requires, SimpleSlice can do it, using the four interchangeable blades you can cut foods in various shapes and sizes without exposing your fingers to any danger!

When they are cut, easily wash the veggies under the sink inside the drainable basket. Prepping the food will never get easier, enjoy a seamless way of cutting your veggies!

Why SimpleSlice is for you

Sliced in seconds- Take care of all your cutting needs, use the interchangeable blades to get the perfect slices for all your recipes!

Away from danger- Using sharp knives always leads to injuries, quickly chop your veggies without getting your fingers close to a blade again!

Always in time- Prep your meals twice as quickly as before, wash and drain them just after you’ve sliced them to save up on time and effort!

SimpleSlice is the ultimate choice- Leave the dangerous knives in the drawer, enjoy a simpler, safer and superior way of cutting foods in the kitchen!

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