Shotmaister-Shot Glass Dispenser

Shotmaister-Shot Glass Dispenser Posted: November 21, 2020

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Product Description

The best shot maker for a wild party

When no one is in condition to pour the next round Shotmaister comes to save you from sobriety! It can fill up to six glasses with even shots to keep you and your mates always with a drink in hand.

Even if everybody’s drunk, Shotmaister will serve you an even shot! All you need to do is pour liquor into the dispenser in a second the next round will be ready!

With Shotmaister you skip the pouring part and get straight to the drinking. A crazy night of partying is guaranteed when Shotmaister is here to serve the shots!

Why Shotmaister is for you

The party never stops- If you are too dizzy to pour the next round Shotmaister will do it for you so the happy hour keeps going!

An even spread- Pour the liquor into the dispenser and Shotmaister will fill out six even shots in lighting speed even time!

Your personal barista- The next round of shots will always be a second away. You order it, and Shotmaister serves it!

Shotmaister is the ultimate choice- The cups will always be ready with another round for you and all your mates. Shotmaister is the perfect buddy to get hammered with!

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