Shawlawn-Privacy Home Fence

Shawlawn-Privacy Home Fence Posted: September 9, 2020

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Product Description

Harmonize your home with green privacy

Two things are often missing in a yard, privacy and beauty, Shawlawn takes care of both by covering with leafy faux vegetation your gloomy, see-through surroundings.

Shawlawn’s lifelike colors bring the real look of nature without needing to maintain it. It expands and contracts easily, giving you infinite decorative options!

It’s time to bring a green look to the bland fence or a discrete cover over your surroundings. Shawlawn gives you nature’s realism and faux convenience to create a harmonious scene.

Why Shawlawn is for you

Instant harmonic privacy- Cover up the space most private for you and enjoy a leafy wall ensuring your protection from the stranger’s eyes.

Greeny look forever- Shawlawn’s colors don’t fade, nor require maintenance. Your fence will stay fresh and green forever!

Beautify the bland- If the old fence is looking gloomy Shawlawn can surround it with greenery! An instant fresh look to put more vitality to your surroundings.

Shawlawn is the ultimate choice- Finally a décor bringing you privacy, beauty and convenience. Shawlawn brings nature’s harmony around your home!

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