ShadeM-UV Protectant Sun Hat

ShadeM-UV Protectant Sun Hat Posted: May 9, 2021

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Product Description

The sun won’t bother you again

Some sunny days are just too hot for your head! You can stop enduring the heat and enjoy your days out under the cooling shade from our gorgeous protective summer hats!

ShadeM’s reflective material shields you from UV rays and makes the heat way more tolerable! It’s super comfy and gives you a cute stylish look to rock with your outfit!

If your long hair is giving you trouble, fit it through the ponytail pocket to let it breathe. With some good shade, the hot summer won’t give you any more troubles on days out!

Why ShadeM is for you

Away from danger- Too much sun is harmful to your skin, protect your head from the dangerous UV rays to avoid headaches!

The perfect shade- Some summer days become unbearable, ShadeM’s shade keeps your head cool, comfy and shielded from the heat!

Cooling company- While the other caps make your head sweat, ShadeM lets you breathe and free your hair in a stylish way!

ShadeM is the ultimate choice- Don’t let the sun discourage you from going out, enjoy your summer activities without letting the heat getting in your way!

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