ScreenPoint-Photography Woodprint Backdrop

ScreenPoint-Photography Woodprint Backdrop Posted: April 14, 2021

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Product Description

Create a photo studio at home

Take your photography to a new level! Create the perfect background for all your themed photos right at home with the most realistic backdrops money can buy you!

From brick walls and wooden floors to colorful mineral stones, ScreenPoint give you endless ways to make the perfect photo. Each is indistinguishable from the material it’s mimicking!

Every one of our variants is durable and waterproof, perfect for long photoshoots of people and props. Bring out the full beauty of all your shots, create your photography set with ScreenPoint!

Why ScreenPoint is for you

Shoot like a pro- Nothing screams more “amateur” than a basic background, turn any plain picture into a professional one!

Find your theme- Get the perfect backdrop for all your themed photos, find every background you’ll need in our abundant sets!

Design your set- You don’t need to shoot in a studio to make a good photo, create the perfect setting for your shoots just from home!

ScreenPoint is the ultimate choice- Give yourself the advantage every photographer wishes to have, design the perfect background from any place you wish!

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