Scrapepop-Multi-Functional Ice Scraper

Scrapepop-Multi-Functional Ice Scraper Posted: October 13, 2020

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Product Description

An ice scraper for people in a hurry

Scrapepop makes quick work of the buildup frost on your car’s windows. Its smart cone design makes quick work of the ice, no matter how thick or deep it is.

When you are in a hurry Scrapepop can defrost the windows three times faster than ordinary scrapers, guaranteeing you will never be late for work even in the deepest snow.

If you find yourself in the need to use force, don’t worry it’s properly reinforced to take it. The buildup frost has no chance against Scrapepop, that’s why it’s the busy man’s choice!

Why Scrapepop is for you

Frost-free in seconds- Scrapepop removes frost three times more efficiently than normal scrapers, saving you hours of scraping every winter.

Defrost without effort- The smart cone design allows for deep window scraping without the use of heavy force, making the morning scrape a piece of cake.

Better than the rest- Unlike the other scrapers, Scrapepop makes quick work of any frosty situation you’ll find yourself in!

Scrapepop is the ultimate choice- Defrosting the windows each morning doesn’t have to be a tiresome job. The frost has no chance when Scrapepop is doing the scraping!

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