Scrap Bit™️- Screw Extractor Set

Scrap Bit™️- Screw Extractor Set Posted: August 9, 2019

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Product Description

Take Out Damaged Screws In No Time using Scrap Bit™️-The Tool You Can Trust To Get The Job Done

Get those stripped & rusty screws out without spending countless hours of struggling and mess ups using The Scrap Bit™️- The tool that makes extracting screws easy, Simple, And repeatable. Giving you an easier time removing screws.

Made from high hardness alloy steel that is nearly indestructible. Making the Scrap Bit™️ more durable and longer lasting than your standard screw extractor

Made with special two different head designs on each side to help you remove screws easily and precisely. One side helps you drill a hole in the middle of the snapped-head fastener and the other side is used to extract the screw. The perfect 1,2 punch to get any job done

Perfect for all types of broken studs & screws.Tap end stud bolts, double end stud bolts, fully threaded studs, wood screws, concrete screws, drywall screws and so much more. Making the Scrap Bit perfect for any extracting job you may have

What makes the Scrap Bit™️ so popular amongst all professionals all over the world is its versatility and unmatched durability that you just can’t find anywhere else. With the Scrap Bit™️, you get convenience, efficiency, and fewer headaches from trying to get those nagging screws out. Get yours today so you can start getting those screws out faster!


Easy To Operate- Perfect for any beginner just starting out. Saves you from wasting your time trying to get it out with a regular screwdriver and works twice as fast.

Reliable- Built to perfection from high-quality alloy steel that doesn’t rust or wither easily. Built to survive any of your upcoming projects and many more in the future.

Accurate- No more countless do-overs and guesswork. The Scrap Bit™️ piece allows you to get pinpoint accuracy on each screw all the time. Making it simple and easier to get them out without damaging it even further.

Works On All Screws- Tap end stud bolts, double end stud bolts, fully threaded studs, wood screws, concrete screws, drywall screws, decking screws, masonry screws and many more. Which means no matter what kind of screw you have to get out the Scrap Bit™️ can get the job done.

Our Guarantee– If for any reason that you feel this product isn’t for you, feel free to send us an e-mail t our store address and we’ll promptly refund your money. No questions asked.

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