ScrachCatch-Interactive Cat Scratcher

ScrachCatch-Interactive Cat Scratcher Posted: June 11, 2021

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Product Description

The toy every cat owner needs

There are two things every cat loves, hunting and causing trouble! ScrachCatch gives your cat a place to scratch and hunt to keep its instincts satisfied and your furniture free from harm!

Every cat will easily recognize the grinding station and the engaging game hidden inside. Just place it on the ground and watch how your cat will try to get the ball out!

Apart from engaging, ScrachCatch is a great stress reliever and an awesome place for your cat to let off steam and keep its healthy habits, every home with a cat needs one around!

Why ScrachCatch is for you

Save your furniture- Every cat needs to grind their claws from time to time, ScrachCatch makes sure that will never be your furniture!

Satisfy their instincts- The sweetest prey is the one you can’t catch, the rolling ball inside will always give your cat something to chase!

Give them happiness- WIth a way to relieve stress and satisfy their cravings your cats can live a happy, healthy life!

ScrachCatch is the ultimate choice- To keep your cat satisfied and your furniture intact all you need is ScrachCatch in your home!

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