Scarfy-Two Piece Scarf Set

Scarfy-Two Piece Scarf Set Posted: October 13, 2020

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Product Description

The perfect scarf for windy winters

Protection your neck just isn’t enough during the cold winter, not when the winds hit your face and turn your nose into an ice cube, but Scarfy can cover with style and thermal protection!

The two layers of polar fleece provide excellent warmth to your neck and face. On the inside, you’ll find a fluffy cover that feels comfy on the skin unlike the other itchy scarfs.

You can still be active when Scarfy is hugging your face, it’s super stretchy for sporty purposes. Stylish, cozy and comfy, what’s not to love about Scarfy?

Why Scarfy is for you

Full facial warmth- Scarfy provides a thick cover around your face and neck to keep your head warm and cozy from the winter’s winds.

A fluffy face hug- The double-layered polar fleece offers great thermal isolation and a fluffy inside feel for constant comfort around the neck.

Sporty and stylish- Scarfy may look like a gorgeous fashion accessory but it’s also stretchy and versatile, perfect for winter sports!

Scarfy is the ultimate choice- When the windy winter comes you’ll be prepared! A perfect blend of style, softness and protection is waiting you in Scarfy.

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