Sandies-The Gorgeous Ladies Fluffy Slides™

Sandies-The Gorgeous Ladies Fluffy Slides™ Posted: August 6, 2020

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Product Description

The cutest sandals you’ll find

The holiday season has come and we have the perfect pair to compliment your foxy look. One fluffy sandal changes your whole style while adding to your personality.

Made from 100% fox fur and with a thick sole, Sandies’ create the comfiest walking experience for an everyday wear in and out of the house.

A perfect combination of fluffiness, comfort and style is packed in our newest sandal! Our pair can style you all year round. Sandies are the best choice for a foxy look.

Why Sandies are for you

Chic in every season- The pair is a perfect look for indoors and outdoors. You’ll be looking fine all-year-round!

Comfiest pair you’ll find- Flat, light and fluffy, Sandies fit wonderfully for the whole day. They are comfy just like flip flops but chicer.

Foxy fluffiness- The fluffy side of Sandies is 100% fox fur. Natural fluffiness will comfort your feet and add some sassy style.

Sandies are the ultimate choice- Pick a sandal that will make you chicer than ever! Slip them on and create a foxy look all year-round.

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