Sacmar-Genuine Leather Retro Crossbody Shoulder Satchel

Sacmar-Genuine Leather Retro Crossbody Shoulder Satchel Posted: August 30, 2020

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Product Description

The perfect satchel for all your travels

We have combined the look of the past with the convenience of the present! Sacmar is a vintage satchel made from genuine leather designed to pack all your traveling needs.

The variety of pockets can hold everything you wish without bulking the compact look. You can comfortably mount it on your shoulder. You won’t find a better traveling bag!

Enjoy your sightseeing adventures, with all the things you need without carrying a heavy backpack! Sacmar packs everything you need without slowing you down.

Why Sacmar is for you

Bring the vintage style- Sacmar’s retro design recreates the classic gentlemen’s satchel. Made from genuine handcrafted leather, just like the bags of old.

A traveler’s essential- It’s so comfortable roaming around with all your essentials in place. Sturdy enough for harsh weather, you can take it anywhere!

Space for everything- Sacmar is loaded up with zipped pockets all around. Its compact look hides a spacious inner design that will hold all your belongings.

Sacmar is the ultimate choice- Our satchel is the perfect blend of comfort, style and convenience. Enjoy your trip with all your items without a big back to slow you down.

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