Ruplac-Ergonomic Cervical Neck Pillow

Ruplac-Ergonomic Cervical Neck Pillow Posted: July 18, 2020

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Product Description

This pillow eliminates neck pain

Tension in the neck can lead to many undesired side effects. Ruplac is here to fix and ease any discomfort you have. Designed by doctors and chiropractors, it’s the ultimate solution to neck pain.

Employing a combination of acupressure, occipital muscle stimulation and cervical relaxation, Ruplac easily rejuvenates your muscles and bones.

There is nothing special you need to do, simply lay down on it and move your head sideways. You’ll feel the relief and relaxation in no time.

Years of pain can be healed on your own. Ruplac can ease the tension no matter the place. Just sit comfortably and let it relive all the discomfort you have.

Why Ruplac is for you

Feel the ultimate sensation- The strategically placed flexors stabilize your spine while massaging your cervical to put in a relaxing trance.

Heal while you rest- Ruplac eases up the stiffness and tension around the neck. Using simple motions while laying down you can remove the pain.

Supports you everywhere- Take it anywhere so you can use it when neck pain occurs. All you need is a surface to rest your head-on.

Ruplac is the ultimate choice- Heal your neck and spine simply by moving your head. Ruplac rejuvenates the upper body with simple medical technology.

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