Rumrol-Universal Measuring Locator

Rumrol-Universal Measuring Locator Posted: August 3, 2020

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Product Description

This is the best measuring tool you’ll find

Rumrol is a six-sided ruler that can fold around any corner to make measurements around walls stupendously easy. If you love DYI then you’ll need one of these rules around!

You can lock it on place using the six knobs to get a precise imprint from it. With your accurate measurements, you’ll cut and draw with impeccable accuracy!

This tool is a game-changer when it comes to taking measurements! Rumrol folds up to six times to make even the trickiest measurement a piece of cake.

Why Rumrol is for you

Locks in shape- Copy the imprint with it by locking its shape in place. With the perfect copy of the angle, you can draw and cut with unseen accuracy.

Measure up to six angles- Rumrol folds up to six times so you can get the precise measurements around any angle.

Impeccably accurate- If you value quality then you’ll love the precise measurements Rumrol creates. The next project will look flawlessly crafted!

Rumrol is the ultimate choice- You won’t find a more versatile ruler than Rumrol! No corner is a match for this universal measuring machine!

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