Rukmac-Multi-Functional Drawstring Backpack

Rukmac-Multi-Functional Drawstring Backpack Posted: October 27, 2020

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Product Description

The sportiest backpack there is

Rukmac is every sportsman’s dream! It neatly divides the dry clothes from the wet to help you out when you need to change in the gym, on the hike or when playing sports!

The thickened Oxford cloth provides waterproof protection to the insides! Small as it may seem Rukmac expands greatly to fit shoes and all the clothes you need for the trip!

We make no compromises with the quality we give, that’s why Rukmac is made from the most reliable material to be your go-to bag for outdoor adventures!

Why Rukmac is for you

The outdoorsman choice- Rukmac is well sealed from nature’s forces, giving your belongings protection from humidity and rain!

No compromises- The compartments for dry and wet clothes give you perfect separation to ensure your clothing stays protected and fresh!

Bigger than it looks- Along with your clothes, there is even space for shoes and water inside. You now have all the space you need for your sports equipment!

Rukmac is the ultimate choice- Get yourself a backpack than can separate dry from wet and keep everything from clothes to shoes secure when from the weather conditions!

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