Rolti- Smart Makeup Eye Glasses

Rolti- Smart Makeup Eye Glasses Posted: August 3, 2020

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Product Description

Keeps a steady eye when doing your makeup

If you are wearing glasses, then you know how hard can be to style your eyes. Rolti is here to fix your makeup problems by opening the eyes while keeping your vision steady!

The lens rotates between each eye so you can put makeup on easily with nothing in the way. When done with the first eye simply rotate the lens to do the second.

A declined vision is no excuse to make your eyes look beautiful! Rolti is a must-have makeup essential for glasses wears who want a finished look.

Why Rolti is for you

An eye at a time- Rolti’s lens switches between eyes for you the get an even look. Put on your makeup one eye at a time for beautiful results.

Never leave the eyes unfinished- Wearing glasses is no excuse not to style your eyes! With clear vision over one eye, you can style both of them perfectly.

A makeup essential for the elderly- Your look doesn’t have to decline with your vision. See exactly what you are doing without obstructing your work

Rolti is the ultimate choice- One rotating lens is all you need to make makeup time more convenient than ever!

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