Rollam-Roller Skating Sneakers

Rollam-Roller Skating Sneakers Posted: November 11, 2020

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Product Description

The skater’s favorite shoe

If walking seems too boring why not just skate all day? Rollam allow you to do both, with a switch of a button you can go from casual commuting to high-speed skating!

Rollam fit comfortably just as your casual shoes to make for an awesome everyday pair. They are also incredibly durable, the steel frame holds the wheels and sole firmly together!

When you just want to walk, the wheels fold seamlessly so you can step in them just as any other shoe. If skating is your passion, then put on a pair and anything will be possible!

Why Rollam are for you

Let’s roll- Turn the heel switch and the hidden wheels will set up and turn your casual shoes into skates. Infinite possibilities for spontaneous fun await!

All day comfort- When you are not skating in them, Rollam are breathable, comfy and durable! You can wear them every day and skate when you feel like it.

Reinforced with steel- At the bottom, Rollam’s steel frame provides excellent stability and ensures the wheels stay intact under heavy pressure.

Rollam is the ultimate choice- Whether you are looking to commute casually or spend a crazy night at the skate ring Rollam are the best shoes for the job!

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