RingRose-Rose Ring Box

RingRose-Rose Ring Box Posted: January 5, 2021

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Product Description

Make your romantic gift all the more special

The story of a gift is in its presentation and what better way to propose to your beloved than with a hidden surprise!  With RingRose you can create an everlasting romantic memory!

Inside the polarizing red rose lies a secret compartment, where you can hide your jewelry until the time is right. Beautify shaped, it’s the perfect emotional appetizer for what’s to come!

On your evening together, present her gift in a way she never suspected to make her heart rush and eyes tear up. Make a lasting memory in your minds and hearts with RingRose!

Why RingRose is for you

An exquisite surprise- The red velvet beauty of RingRose is enough to make her blush. Place your gift inside to create a wonderful memory of your special moment!

She will never suspect- From a mediocre gift to the surprise of a lifetime, RingRose pushes your beloved down an emotional rollercoaster she won’t ever forget!

The most memorable presentation- Wrap your ring inside the rosy cover and your special moment will beat anything you’ve seen on TV!

RingRose is the ultimate choice- Present your ring in the most memorable way to create a romantic moment she will never forget!

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