Range-Ram-Universal Wrench Extender

Range-Ram-Universal Wrench Extender Posted: October 18, 2020

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Product Description

The only wrench you’ll ever need

There is nothing more annoying than trying to unscrew a bolt in a tight space. Range-ram can save you from the troubles of DIY work by giving you all the leverage you need over the hard to reach bolts and screws.

Range-ram not only gives you 8 inches of reach but doesn’t require a range of motion to work. All you need is to grip the socket then attach a ratchet wrench on the other side to loosen or tighten nuts with ease.

Why work hard when you can get more done working smart! Forget about the old way of screwing, put Range-ram in the toolbox and the next project screwing will be the least of your worry!

Why Range-ram is for you

Nothing is unreachable- Range-ram gives you 8 inches of reach to give you all the leverage you need over the bolts and nuts in tight spots.

Screws without moves- Use the in-built gears and chains to drive the wrench from one corner to another so you can easily unscrew in confined spaces.

The handyman’s best friend- Sturdy and reliable, you can make your life easier at work or when doing your next DIY project!

Range-ram is the ultimate choice- You can now unscrew the hidden bolts and nuts without having to swing in narrow places. With Range-ram you can reach the unreachable!

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