RailRex-Dinosaur Car Track

RailRex-Dinosaur Car Track Posted: December 15, 2020

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Product Description

Get ready for an up-close Dino adventure

With RailRex you can reconstruct the ancient jungles where dinosaurs resided and create thrilling racing adventures while trying to survive the dangerous dinosaurs nearby!

The set has everything you need to create an immersive setting filled with wildlife, racetracks and speeding vehicles. The tracks are long and fully customizable so the adventure never stops!

Forget about the virtual distractions, come with us on an ancient safari through the dangerous jungle to cruise around dangerous dinosaurs at full speed!

Why RailRex is for you

An ancient adventure- Construct your racetrack and put the pedal to the metal before the wild dinosaurs catch up and swallow you whole!

The Jurassic experience- Immerse yourself while you cruise through the vast ancient jungle filled with deadly predators and pray!

Until the end of the world- The rail tracks bend and turn easily, allowing you to create your own custom adventure and ride until the world’s edge!

RailRex is the ultimate choice- You have everything you need to build your Dino adventure and speed through the scariest of dinosaurs!

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