Quick-Release Terminal Remover Pack

Quick-Release Terminal Remover Pack Posted: October 16, 2021

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Product Description

Every Car Fanatics Dream Come True

No more prying open terminals for replacing wires! The Quick-Release Terminal Remover Pack is a lightweight, safe, and custom set of tools for removing wires from stubborn plastic terminals!

Easy Removal

Avoid the headache of replacing jacked-up factory terminals. With the right tools, you can keep terminals in mint condition. Simply push the tool in and simultaneously pull on the wire, and voila, the job is done. No extra hassle, no frustration!

The Perfect Fit

Don’t take your car into the shop or order an expensive specialty tool that might not even fit! With the Quick-Release Terminal Remover Pack, the right tool for a wide variety of vehicles and applications is included all in this product. Use the tools for connector terminal removal, picker harness terminals, and connector crimp pin removal!

Safe & Convenient

Whenever dealing with electricity, you need a rubber as a safeguard. Every piece in this pack has a tightly-wrapped rubber handle for your protection. The tools are made of lightweight steel and are easily storable on a piece of wire or in a drawer. For your convenience, we include a beaded ball chain for easy storage.

Quantity: 38 different tools included

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