QuackHunt-Air-Soft Duck Toy Gun

QuackHunt-Air-Soft Duck Toy Gun Posted: December 12, 2020

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Product Description

The duck hunting season opens today

Get ready for a shooting adventure in the living room! QuackHunt offers you and your kids the opportunity to become duck hunters and open the season gun blazing!

The premise is simple, load your power popper and try to shoot as many balls into the mouth of the duck, and down worry about shooting your fellow hunter the balls are totally harmless!

The fun never stops after just one round, as you play and hone your hunting skills you’ll be shooting your target from greater distances until you master the duck hunting sport!

Why QuackHunt is for you

The hunt is on- The season is right for shooting some ducks. Load your gun and let’s see who’s gonna become the ultimate hunter!

Armed for adventure- The power popper gun shoots by compressing air to propel the balls accurately and harmlessly for your children!

Gunslinging action- Shoot the balls into the duck’s mouth until it fills up. The one who scores more gets a duck for supper!

QuackHunt is the ultimate choice- When you are up for a challenge QuackHunt will test your shooting skills to turn you into the ultimate hunter!

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