Practicon-Reusable Tracing Book

Practicon-Reusable Tracing Book Posted: October 2, 2020

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Product Description

The ultimate self-tutoring set for kids

Writing letters and numbers for the first time is hard for students and tutors alike. Our set of practice books makes the learning process a lot smoother and simpler.

Each symbol is outlined, so it’s easy to follow through without making mistakes. No tutoring is required from your side because Practicon shows how every word and number is drawn.

What’s more, we’ve made it endless! After a quick dry the ink on the pages disappears so your children can practice writing until they achieve perfect knowledge of the basics of writing.

Why Practicon is for you

Learn it all- Practicon has everything your kids need to learn writing. From numbers to letters and words, all can be practiced and learned in it!

Simple self-tutoring- Follow the outlined paths to write and draw correctly without the need for supervision. Self-learning is the new way of teaching!

Practice forever- The ink fades into the pages after it dries, giving your kids endless opportunities to practice your motor skills!

Practicon is the ultimate choice- Endless fun awaits between the magical sheets! Practicon is the only book set a child needs to learn all about writing!

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