Pawpin-Pawprint Pillow Seat Cushion

Pawpin-Pawprint Pillow Seat Cushion Posted: February 25, 2021

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Product Description

A cushion made in heaven

Find it hard to rest while sitting on your uncomfortable chairs? We’ve got the softest solution for your problem! Pawpin is cuddly, cute and comfier than anything you’ve sat on!

Our cushion is big enough to serve as a ground chair and just right to fit on your chairs, sofas or whatever you like sitting on the most, plus is incredibly cute!

If you spend a lot of time sitting, adding extra comfort will make all the difference to your energy and happiness levels! Make any place homier, comfier and cuter with Pawpin!

Why Pawpin is for you

Perfect your environment- Overwhelm your home with cuteness and comfort to put a new look and feel to the chairs and couches in your household!

Never feel uncomfortable- Pawpin will create the perfect place to rest your bottom on any uncomfortable sitting space around!

Sink into softness- You are too big to rest on your pet’s soft paws but just right enough to feel their fluffy softness when sitting on Pawpin!

Pawpin is the ultimate choice- Create a cozy sitting environment around your household to feel comfy and accommodated wherever you sit!

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