Pawclaws-Indoor Cat Paw Slippers

Pawclaws-Indoor Cat Paw Slippers Posted: November 14, 2020

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Product Description

In these paws your feet will never get cold

Pawclaws are the cartooniest slippers you have ever seen! Slip them on and you’ll feel the furry fluff hugging your feet with supreme warmth the moment they are on you.

In them, you not only feel as warm as a cat but look the exact fluffy way from the ankles down! Find a color to match your furry socks and you are ready to spend your warmest winter.

Pawclaws are so adorable anyone who appreciates cuteness will love them as a gift. Put on your paws on and experience the fluffy warmth only cats do all year round!

Why Pawclaws are for you

Fluffier than a cat’s- The highly dense velvet creates a fluffy feeling you can only experience while wearing Pawclaws!

Straight from a cartoon- Put them on and your feet will look adorably cartoony from the ankles down!

Furry heating- There is no better feeling than slipping your cold feet into Pawclaws. Your feet will always have a warm welcome!

Pawclaws are the ultimate choice- Now is the perfect time to warm your feet or someone’s heart with the most adorable slippers in the world!

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