Patchtape-Leather Restoration Patch

Patchtape-Leather Restoration Patch Posted: December 7, 2020

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Product Description

Return the fresh look of your furniture 

Patchtape is here to fix all the scratches, tears and cracks of your furniture and bring the worn-out leather back to its fresh state. Repairing your damaged furniture is easy as putting on duct tape! 

Patch comes in all the colors of leather furniture and cuts easily to offer a seamless patch to every dent. Once put, the tape blends perfectly to remove any traces of damage. 

You don’t need an expensive artisan to fix the worn-out furniture when Patchtape can make the dents disappear just as well! Renew the fresh look of your furniture in one quick fix! 

Why Patchtape is for you 

A seamless fix- The scratches, tears and cracks in the leather disappear seamlessly after Patchtape sticks and blends with the colors! 

A patch for every dent- Patchtape not only comes with all the colors of your furniture but can easily cut to the proportion of every tear! 

Good as new- In one quick fix, the worn-out furniture will return to its pristine look just like the day you bought it! 

Patchtape is the ultimate choice- From long tears to bulky cracks, in a flash Patchtape can make all the damage disappear! 

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