PasteSlice-Silicone Cake Mold

PasteSlice-Silicone Cake Mold Posted: February 18, 2021

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Product Description

Start baking cakes the easy way

PasteSlice turns baking into a fun and simple hobby! Using our molder you can easily make cakes in perfect proportions and various flavors in one session!

Fill the molds with the stuffing of your choice and just put them in the oven. The cakes pop right off and always look amazing! It’s like baking a cake but without putting in the work!

You can personalize each of the eight molds to make captivating designs in just one go! Fill the stomachs of all your guests without breaking a sweat on your next baking adventure!

Why PasteSlice is for you

Enough for everyone- Satisfy everyone’s need for sweetness with cakes in the right size and portion for your small gatherings or family dinners!

In all the flavors- Fill the table with desserts in eight different flavors and styles in just one baking session to ease off the effort it takes!

Simplify baking forever- Create delicious pastries every day without stressing or messing up to enjoy each second of the process!

PasteSlice is the ultimate choice- You can’t go wrong when baking with PasteSlice! Get one to guarantee a delicious result each time you bake!

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