Paltrim – Universal Pet Trimmer

Paltrim – Universal Pet Trimmer Posted: December 5, 2020

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Product Description

Trimming your pet pal will never get easier

When the dog needs grooming Paltrim is your best option! Silent, gentle and powerful it makes trimming animals simple, quick and most importantly stress-free!

The motor is incredibly silent to keep your pet at ease while you groom it. Using the ceramic protective layer, you can catch all the fur without worrying about hurting the skin.

Paltrim is everything you need to ensure your pet is always well-groomed and ready for the hot seasons. Paltrim offers you a seamless solution that will never startle your buddy!

Why Paltrim is for you

Grooming made easy- Adjust the preferred length and the sharp blades will make grooming your pet simple and painless for both sides!

Goes unnoticed- The silent motor and gentle trimmer move unnoticed along your pet’s fur, keeping your dog calm and willing to be trimmed.

A summer reliever- Your dog will love you even more after you trim its heavy fur and relieve it from the summer heat!

Paltrim is the ultimate choice- Stealthy and powerful, grooming your pet will Paltrim guarantees a stress-free trimming experience!

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