Ovigrow-Plant Growing Boxes

Ovigrow-Plant Growing Boxes Posted: August 12, 2021

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Product Description

Start growing plants at unseen speeds

Ovigrow are plant-growing boxes that use an effective but forgotten propagation method. Seal one on a branch and in a few weeks the box will be filled with roots for you to plant independently.

Ovigrow can duplicate any plant from your garden! Using the best propagation method known to man, they create a matured separate plant faster than any other method.

Spreading your favorite plants no longer takes months of hard work but only a few weeks of waiting and watering. Create a new lush garden from scratch at record speed!

Why Ovigrow is for you

The best propagation- One plant can give you hundreds more, all you need is some patience and a couple of Ovigrow’s boxes!

Works for every plant- You can duplicate every plant with branches in your garden without damaging the mother plant in any way!

Spread more greenery- Within a couple of weeks Ovigrow can produce new plants with matured roots, you’ll spread vegetation at an unseen speed!

Ovigrow is the ultimate choice- Plant propagation has never been faster and easier, just seal some boxes and your garden will spread like wildfire!

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