Ovecraw-3D Skull Pizza Cake Mold

Ovecraw-3D Skull Pizza Cake Mold Posted: September 20, 2020

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Product Description

The spookiest treats for a Halloween feast

Ovecraw brings the spooky vibe in a delicious manner, using these molders you can create realistic skull-shaped treats to scare and delight the guests all at the same time!

Ovecraw brings a variety of options to choose from, you can bake or freeze them for all manner of sweet or salty treats all looking like realistic yummy skulls.

Make the Halloween night memorable in a delicious way, make your own special dish and stun the guests with the most detailed treats they’ve ever seen!

Why Ovecraw is for you

A haunted feast awaits- Use the molders to create your favorite foods into spooky skulls. The realistic details will scare you straight!

Skulls in your flavor- The molders offer endless cooking options, bake or freeze them for all manner of salty, sweet, or chilly treats!

Your Halloween special- Prepare a spooky surprise no other Halloween party has for its guests. With delicious treats like these, every party is worth remembering!

Ovecraw is the ultimate choice- Bring the spook in a delicious way! Ice cream, gelatin, even mini pizzas shaped like skulls can complement the Halloween dinner!

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