Ornimo-Multi-Purpose Cable Organizer

Ornimo-Multi-Purpose Cable Organizer Posted: October 19, 2020

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Product Description

A smart way to organize the cables

Are you tired of the loose cables going around every which way around the desk and floors? Ornimo can help you organize and secure them to avoid this hassle once and for all.

Ornimo can guide a number of cables along the right path. You can choose the path you wish the cables to follow, just stick the clampers along the path most convenient for you.

Installing them takes but a minute, once done you won’t have to worry about loose cables creating a mess every again. If the cables are tangled, then it’s time to get some clampers!

Why Ornimo is for you

Guide the way- Choose the path you want your cables to go through and Ornimo will make it happen. It’s now easy to organize the loose cables!

Instant installation- Peel, the cover and stick them to the surface. That’s all it takes to firmly install your cable organizers.

No more tangles- When the cables go through a destined path there no chance of messes, violent pulls or entanglements.

Ornimo is the ultimate choice- Making a lasting organization for the messy cables takes a minute to set up and forever to enjoy.

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