Onislice-Blossom Onion Slicer

Onislice-Blossom Onion Slicer Posted: December 19, 2020

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Product Description

Finish your recipe with a touch of finesse

Onislice brings the cutting precision of a chef in the kitchen! Using our cutter, you can create the finest finish to your dishes or thinly cut salads that melt in your mouth!

Push the stem of the vegetable into the blades and it will make it blossom into serval thin slices, ready to be sprinkled as a finish to the dish or showed down in a flash.

Onislice makes every vegetable taste better and saves you time and tears when foods need to be cut thinly. Wow the guests with a professional finish you only get to see in restaurants!

Why Onislice is for you

The chef’s way- Sprinkling elegantly sliced scallions to your dish adds an eccentric flavor and professional touch to make your cooking always stand out.

5-star salads- You’ll rediscover your love for greens after trying out the refined flavors of thinly sliced vegetables! From now on salad is always on the menu!

No more tears- It’s easier than ever to cut the delicate vegetables into thinner slices. Leave the precise work to Onislice and it will never disappoint!

Onislice is the ultimate choice- Even without any culinary skills, now you can turn the delicate vegetables into finely sliced gourmets ready for chowing!

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