MotoGrill-Portable Chicken Stand

MotoGrill-Portable Chicken Stand Posted: May 26, 2021

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Product Description

Make your chicken a rockstar

Riding in straight from hell’s highway MotoGrill comes to bring some smiles and fill some bellies! These stands make for great grilling spots and turn your chicken into a total badass!

Grilling on MotoGrill is like riding straight through hell, your chicken will get a crisp roast while looking rad as hell! Once it’s done keep it on the stand to make the coolest presentation ever!

The steel lines are durable, easy to wash and hold the chicken firmly, they are great for all manner of cooking! Treat the guests on the next barbecue with the coolest presentation ever!

Why MotoGrill is for you

Ride till you die- What a better way to go out than riding to your death on Harley, serve your next chicken in the raddest way possible!

Heat up the party- Break the ice and bring some smiles around, surprise the guests with the most badass food presentation they’ve seen!

Through hell and back- Need a good roasting stand for the barbecue, MotoGrill makes it crisp, cool and convenient when grilling chicken!

MotoGrill is the ultimate choice- Spice up the next gathering with a badass new way of roasting and serving the meat!

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