Mopsaw-Mulit-Functional Floor Mop

Mopsaw-Mulit-Functional Floor Mop Posted: October 18, 2020

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Product Description

This mop doesn’t leave a spot

Don’t give up cleaning the dirty corners of the floor just because they are unreachable! With Mopsaw you can finally do a deep sweep without tiresome scrubbing or bending over.

The handle doubles in size to give you all the reach to go under the furniture. One sweep is all Mopsaw needs to absorb all the buildup dust because of its microfiber mob!

Mopsaw gives you not only an easy way to clean all the corners of the floors but a durable mob that will serve you a lifetime, you just have to wash it and Mopsaw will be ready for another round!

Why Mopsaw is for you

No dust bunny can hide- Mopsaw can reach the darkest corner in the room! Go deep using the adjustable handle and rotating frame to scrape off every corner!

A magnet for germs- The microfiber mob absorbs dust, grime and liquids like a magnet! When it gets dirty throw it in the washer and use it again and again.

Every housekeeper’s dream- No more tiring scrubbing! Mopsaw makes quick work of the dirty floor, within a few minutes the room will shine from down under!

Mopsaw is the ultimate choice- Our durable mop will save your floors from the hidden dirt and give you an easy way to clean the house without missing any corners.

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