Mistymac- Nano Mist Sanitizing Sprayer

Mistymac- Nano Mist Sanitizing Sprayer Posted: August 10, 2020

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Product Description

One sprinkler can eliminate all the germs around you

Mistymac is a portable auto-sprinkler both effective and efficient when it comes to killing germs. With it, you can disinfect electronics and essentials quickly and easily.

Mixing 75% water and 25% sanitizer makes the perfect sanitizing formula and saves you from buying sanitizers every day. When you push the button it sprinkles a mist that kills all microbes around.

Bacteria spread around quickly, but not when Mistymac is around! You won’t find a more convenient portable everyday sanitizer! Mistymac keeps you and your belongings germ-free!

Why Mistymac is for you

Instant sanitization- Sprinkle the formula over your belongings and hands for quick and easy densification from bacteria.

No virus can get you- With a portable sanitizer in your pocket, all the nasty microbes will disintegrate. You will go out without endangering your health.

Keep a germ-free house- Mistymac can completely clean all of your surroundings so your home remains clean from bacteria at all times.

Mistymac is the ultimate choice- Along with your hands, Mistymac can cleanse the everyday items you touch to minimize the chance of spreading germs.

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