Mistycomb – iPhone Screen Cleaner

Mistycomb – iPhone Screen Cleaner Posted: December 6, 2020

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Product Description

Clear out the screen marks in a quick breeze

Mistycomb is the ultimate cleaning champion! It’s a sprayer and a brush in one little device that can remove lasting marks of fingerprints and stains from screens of all electronics!

Just spray, swipe and the screen will shine! Mistycomb is gentle but powerful enough to handle the marks on delicate electronics. It cleans with care and doesn’t leave lasting effects!

The special formula also disintegrates germs to make sterilizing your phone’s screen quick and easy! In a flash, you’ll leave your screen looking like the day you got it!

Why Mistycomb is for you

Make it shine- Spray, scrub and you’ll leave the screen shining like the day you bought it. The fingerprints and stains disappear in a flash!

Always with you- Mistycomb is so seamless it fits right in your pockets or purse. A quick clean is a second away!

Leave no germ behind- In one spray you’ll purify your screen from the festering germs and leave a crystal-clear view!

Mistycomb is the ultimate choice- Clearing out the stubborn marks from your devices now takes just a misty breeze and a gentle wipe.

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