Mistybaw- Portable Water Spray Mist Fan

Mistybaw- Portable Water Spray Mist Fan Posted: July 9, 2020

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Product Description


Mistybaw makes the dry hot summer days far more cooler

If you need a breeze of freshness when you are out, then Mistybaw is for you. This portable fan is the perfect savior from the dry summer heat.

Mistybaw is not only a powerful fan but can spray you with a refreshing cold mist with one push. It’s light and has a long-lasting battery for you to use it in the outdoors.

There is no better way to cool off than by a strong breezy mist, moisturizing your face. Wherever you are Mistybaw can revitalize you during the hot summer days.

What makes Mistybaw so good

The best refreshing experience– The misty freshness revitalizes and cools you off even in the driest summer days.

A savior from the summer- Keep the temperature bearable during the whole day. Take Mistybaw with you to feel the non-stop breeze.

Powerful moisturizing flow- With its three speeds and constant moisture flow Mistybaw combines power, functionality and convenience.

Why Mistybaw is for you- If the days get unbearably hot then it’s time for a change. Mistybaw will keep you fresh and energized from dusk until dawn.

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