Miniverse – Solar System Bracelet

Miniverse – Solar System Bracelet Posted: November 2, 2019

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Finally a Bracelet Made for Space Lovers!

Do you love Astronomy and space? Me too! Show love for your galaxy in style with Minverse, our one of a kind solar system bracelet for space lovers! Nerds unite!

Every time you look at your bracelet you will be reminded of the endless wonders of space, the potential for extraterrestrials and life on foreign planets.. count me in!

This is no ordinary bracelet friends, it made of high quality natural stone alloy which means it is durable AF and can take a beating and still remain crisp and clean.. now that’s value

Contains the entire Milky Way galaxy and all of its participating planets that make up the most magical galaxy in the universe.. take pride of your species and show it off with Miniverse!

So if you’re looking for a great winter season gift idea, or things to fill some stockings grab a Miniverse bracelet and see yourself satisfied time and time again


Galaxy Bracelet – this bracelet was made specifically with space lovers and aspiring astronauts in mind with its high quality stones you will feel like you’re in space too!

Lightweight – although this one of a kind bracelet is made of high quality stones it is still very lightweight.. so much so you might even forget you’re wearing it

Great Gift – these bracelets makes amazing gifts during the holiday season! Be the talk of the town this winter with your incredibly thoughtful and functional gift!

Our Guarantee – If for any reason you feel that this product isn’t for you, feel free to send us an email at our store address and we’ll promptly refund your money. No questions asked!

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