Micswtich-Vintage Robot Lamp

Micswtich-Vintage Robot Lamp Posted: September 2, 2021

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Product Description

The musician’s favorite lamp

He got tired of being a musician so he retired as a lamp, now he is here to light up your home in style! Micswtich brings up the brightness with just a touch of a finger!

As a musician he was the loudest now as a lamp he can be the brightest, you can adjust the lighting from silky smooth to vividly bright to make every evening a special one!

He stands on his own and can move his arms and legs into different positions to easily fit around his surroundings! When you are ready give him the stage and you’ll not be disappointed!

Why Micswtich is for you

Straight from the stage- He left his band to go solo and now he is coming to your home, get ready for a wild performance from the first robo vocal of the world!

Endlessly energetic- Whether you are looking for romantic lighting or to brighten up the whole stage Micswtich will tune your atmosphere to perfection!

Moves with the beat- When he is done with the show you can adjust his arms and legs so he can sit down and decorate your shelf with his coolness!

Micswtich is the ultimate choice- Some a louder but he is brighter, let Micswtich fill your room with musical vibes and awesome lighting!

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