Mibrick-Peel & Backlash Tile

Mibrick-Peel & Backlash Tile Posted: November 13, 2020

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Product Description

Turn the walls into mosaic wonders

Mibrick are here to enhance your walls with a tasteful look and eternal protection! Our self-adhesive wall stickers as close as a mosaic décor you can get without spending a fortune.

Mibrick are not only have a wide assortment of fabulous designs but they keep the integrity of the interior by repelling stains of any kind, so the walls stay spotless forever!

Once placed, they stick firmly in dry and humid environments forever! Mibrick protection and a unique look every home needs to stay fresh and never decay!

Why Mibrick are for you

A smart renovation- All it takes is a firm push and the self-adhesive back will stick forever on the wall and leave you with a beautiful eternal sight.

Stain-proof the walls- Perfect for kitchen and bathroom walls, Mibrick don’t absorb liquids so you can leave them shining after one swipe.

Everlasting enhancement- Mibrick don’t only look premium but once placed will stay as long as the bricks on the wall!

Mibrick are the ultimate choice- Beautiful, protective and long-lasting, Mibrick serve as the perfect alternative to the expensive mosaic pieces you can put on the walls.

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