Metrik™️- Canvas Leg Bag

Metrik™️- Canvas Leg Bag Posted: August 9, 2019

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Product Description

Travel Anywhere With Metrik™️.

Trying to find extra space to store all of your stuff while you’re riding? Luckily for you, we’ve made a way you can travel without running out of any space. Introducing Metrik™️- the all-in-one bag that helps you travel lighter when you’re riding

Super easy to use and fits perfectly to your leg without sliding off. Made with adjustable strap buckles so that it gives you a comfortable fit without choking your leg. Ensuring that it stays on the entire ride.

Extra roomy with multiple pockets and a waterproof build that can hold almost anything. Wallet, keys, important tools, papers you name it. This thing holds all of your essentials so you don’t have to.

Multi-functional capability not only makes it good to use for when you’re riding your motorcycle. You can also use it when you go hiking, mountain biking, fishing, or even when you’re traveling. Making it the perfect all-in-one bag to take everywhere

What’s really amazing and unique about this bag that our repeat customers constantly write us back about is its convenience and how much more room they have. With the Metrik™️ we give you more room, easier access and most importantly an easier ride. Get yours today so you can travel lighter.


Waterproof- Keeping all of your stuff inside the bag dry and not to mention keep from getting your pants wet as well. Giving you extra protection even on the rainiest of days.

Convenient- Making it so much easier for you to know where everything is without constantly digging around looking for your stuff. Saving you time and energy and also keeping you well organized.

Holds Everything- Your wallet, keys, important documents you name it. Holds all of your important essentials and gives you easy access to them without digging in your pockets.

Adjustable- Making it super easy to adjust and fit accordingly to your size without fitting too loose or too snug. Which means you can fit this right over your pants without worrying about it sliding or falling off not one inch.

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