MeHold-iPhone 12Magsafe Charging Case

MeHold-iPhone 12Magsafe Charging Case Posted: December 30, 2020

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Product Description

The ultimate case for your newest iPhone

MeHold is an unrivaled case for its elegance, security and price! Transparent for the eyes and seamless to the touch, it offers sturdy protection from collision and a lightning-fast way of charging!

Reserved only for the iPhone 12’s models, MeHold increases the magnetic absorption of your phone to 12X the charging speed without affecting the signal so you will never run short of battery life!

Dropping your phone isn’t the end of the world anymore as the reinforced glass absorbs any damage you or gravity might cause. Enjoy a perfect blend of convenience and style only in MeHold!

Why MeHold is for you

Unrivaled elegance- The crystallized glass is slim enough not to take from to the beauty of the phone’s design. Transparent and thin, you won’t feel the difference!

Lightspeed charging- MeHold 10X the charging speed of wireless chargers through its magnetic circle! Filling up your battery at the speed of light!

An uncrackable shield- Seamless yet sturdy, the protective glass holds well against heavy impact to keep the fragile body always intact!

MeHold is the ultimate choice- Your phone will always be protected, charged and in its brilliant look in the hands of MeHold!

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