ManiQ-Nail File Machine

ManiQ-Nail File Machine Posted: March 30, 2021

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Product Description

Become a nail artist today

Being your career as a pro nail designer today with ManiQ, your all-in-one nail toolkit! Simple, portable and powerful our nail drill has all the tools you need to create a magnificent manicure from home!

Use the six bits to create seamless and shiny carvings, engravings, grindings and sharpenings. Work with precision easily, tune the speed with a simple touch for the smoothest results.

Your nails will shine with new patterns and effects done exclusively from your home! Make your shiniest wishes come true, create your unique manicure style with ManiQ!

Why ManiQ is for you

Perfectly polished- Create a smooth polish to highlight your manicure in all the right ways! Perfection is now easily achieved!

Shine with glamour- Make your nails shine brighter than the stars, get a professional shiny finish without going to the salon!

Design your masterpiece- Take your nail art to the next level, use the various engraving bits to create your unique look!

ManiQ is the ultimate choice- All the professional tools you need to create manicure masterpieces you’ll find in our mini nail studio!


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