MagniMesh-Magnetic Mosquito Net

MagniMesh-Magnetic Mosquito Net Posted: April 13, 2021

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Product Description

Never let the insects come uninvited

You don’t have to turn your home into a sauna to keep the insects away during the summer. Use MagniMesh to enjoy the fresh outside air without letting any critter in!

Our net can easily be put up onto any door frame, creating a seamless yet secure barrier. It’s magnetic screen keeps it always shut while allowing animals and people to pass easily!

A couple of minutes of installation can save your home from hundreds of uninvited intruders in the summer. Keep your indoors fresh without letting any insects come through the open doors!

Why MagniMesh is for you

Invisible protection- Enjoy full protection from the buzzing introducers without ruining the outside view, see perfectly through MagniMesh’s seamless veil!

Stop the intrusion- Open up your home during the summer, invite the freshness in while keeping all the insects far away!

Simple security- Install an impenetrable barrier for insects without overcomplicating your life, easily set up MagniMesh to every door frame in the house!

MagniMesh is the ultimate choice- Don’t let the tiny intruders barge into your home, keep your rooms secure from all the nasty insects in the summer!


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