Magnigic-Magnifying Make up Reading Eyeglasses

Magnigic-Magnifying Make up Reading Eyeglasses Posted: May 31, 2020

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Product Description

Use Magnigic to ease your time in front of the mirror

Now you can apply your makeup while wearing glasses. Magnigic lets you see at all times when making your look in front of the mirror.

The glasses fold down and rotate between eyes to ease the makeup process. They are lightweight and sit comfortably at all times.

You don’t have to give up on your look just because you can’t see well. With Magnigic you can achieve the flawless look you wanted.

What makes Magnigic so good?

You won’t even notice them- They are so light you’ll barely feel them. Magnigic always sits firm while you work on yourself.

See what you are doing- Tired of putting makeup blindly? With Magnigic you always see clearly what you are doing in front of the mirror.

Create a detailed look like never before- When seeing fully you can finally achieve the look you wanted. Putting detailed touch-ups is now possible.

Why Magnigic is right for you- Wearing glasses can cause problems when trying to put makeup on. Magnigic fixes this with finesse and practicality.

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