Magnibits-Drill Bit Set

Magnibits-Drill Bit Set Posted: May 21, 2021

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Product Description

Screwing bolts just got a whole lot easier 

Badly placed bolts are the nightmare of every drill! Magnibits make extractions and screwings of all calibers and scopes easy, quick and always effortless for your drills!

All of the bits are magnetized to fix the bolts into a firm position when you are screwing them, effectively preventing slipping and uneven screwing on surfaces of any kind!

When you are dealing with a stuck or rusted bolt that you can’t get a hold of, Magnibits’ magnetic power makes the tough bolts seamlessly easy to extract and screw back on!

Why Magnibits are for you

Effortless extractions- Having a hard time with the rusty bolts, take a firm hold of the situation to make quick work of the stubborn bolts!

Efficient screwing- Tired of the bolts slipping off the drill, easily connect the bolts to your drill to make sure they never fall off during operations!

A fit for everything- From woodworking to mechanical engineering, Magnibits can make all the screwing work go smooth and quick!

Magnibits are the ultimate choice- When the stubborn bolts give your trouble you can always rely on Magnibits to make easy work of the task at hand!

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