MagiMirror-Magnification Makeup Mirror

MagiMirror-Magnification Makeup Mirror Posted: February 7, 2021

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Product Description

Stay easily in touch with your beauty

Leave no room for error when working on yourself! MagiMirror lets you see yourself in full detail so you can easily create a beautiful look from any place at any time!

Turn up the LED lights and use the 10X magnifying view to highlight all your facial features and never miss a spot while putting on makeup or removing hairs!

MagiMirror seamlessly sticks on surfaces to give you a magical view of yourself from any room. Give yourself a beauty advantage no one else has in their home!

Why MagiMirror is for you

Enlighten your view- Easily enhance the lighting and viewing angle to have a crystal clear view of yourself every time you need one!

Aware of the details- Use the 10X magnification to see every minuscule detail on your face to easily work on your imperfections!

Ready to shine- Achieve a fine look from anywhere! Setup MagiMirror whenever you need for quick and simple touch-ups!

MagiMirror is the ultimate choice- See yourself in full bright detail every time you go in front of the mirror to work on your beauty with ease!

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