Lumitree-Fairy Tree Light

Lumitree-Fairy Tree Light Posted: July 1, 2021

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Product Description

Set a special tone for your evenings

Trees don’t share the same looks, nor does Lumitree! Our opulent glowing tree gives you the feel of living in a fairy tale! It’s what a gloomy room needs to feel homey and comfy!

When you want to refresh its look, play around with its branches until you create something you like seeing, all the branches twist and bend to your creative desires!

Lumitree fits perfectly with rooms and furniture of all designs to bring a feeling of cozy and calmness anywhere you need! Don’t leave your room empty, fill it with Lumitree’s warmth!

Why Lumitree is for you

Set your room ablaze- Fill your room with Lumitree’s warm colors and opulent ambiance to make every night a special one!

Show your creativity- Decorate your surroundings with a unique piece of art you can change every time you want to see something new!

Define your aesthetics- Discover a neat new way of refreshing your room vibe, transform your scenery with just a flip of a switch!

Lumitree is the ultimate choice- After a long day you deserve to relax, let Lumitree set an atmosphere you can fully unwind in!

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