LumiLine-Car Interior Lights

LumiLine-Car Interior Lights Posted: August 17, 2021

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Product Description

Revamp your interior with neon colors

Looking for a way to spice things up in your car? Create a smooth ambient look for your nightly car rides by adding a colorful atmosphere to your interior with our neon strips!

Easy to install and simple to operate, LumiLine brings the party inside! You can create your own unique design by sticking one or several lines across your interior!

Upgrade your interior with some ambient energy and enjoy the smooth light show anytime you are on the road or simply chilling in your car! Make every night ride a magical one!

Why LumiLine is for you

Tune-up the atmosphere- Who said tuning should be expensive, create a fresh atmosphere for your interior in just a few minutes!

Set your vibe- Don’t let your interior grow stale, spice up the vibe anytime by switching on the light show within your interior!

Start the party- Keep the party going on the road, choose which color fits you best and make it prime light in your car!

LumiLine is the ultimate choice- Set the perfect atmosphere in your car for the road trip, date or night with friends in just one click!

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