Lumilights-LED Solar Lights

Lumilights-LED Solar Lights Posted: November 29, 2020

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Product Description

The perfect lighting décor for any occasion

Lumilights are the stars that will light up your garden eternally! Powered by solar energy, they lightup when the sun goes down and never go out just like real stars.

The powerful LED bulbs emit bright warm lighting to illuminate the sky around you! You needn’t worry about rain or time because nothing affects their way of shining brightly!

If you are getting ready for a party, wedding, or romantic evening you’ll always find a suitable lighting mode to light up the vibe for the evening scene.

Why Lumilights are for you

Illuminate the sky- Hang them around the garden and watch how the place lights up with warm bright colors, coming from the LED bulbs!

Eternal like stars- Lumilights will light up the sky longer than the stars in the sky. Powered by the sun, they’ll shine eternally!

Choose your light show- If you are inviting people over you’ll leave them amazed with the light show! Pick from one of the 8 lighting patterns and enjoy!

Lumilights are the ultimate choice- Light up the yard, porch or garden with the brightest solar lights, fit to decorate any scene and occasion!

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