LiquorLock-Wine Bottle Lock

LiquorLock-Wine Bottle Lock Posted: December 19, 2020

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Product Description

The best way to seal your wine bottles

LiquorLock ensures your wine is kept sealed, fresh and safe from everyone and anything! It’s the perfect security measure for keeping the integrity of your bottles intact!

Enter a three-digit code and the lock will shut the mouth of the bottle like a safe! Once closed no one but you will be able to open it, giving you a grantee no bottle will be opened without your consent.

LiquorLock provides a safeguard against people and leakage so you never have to worry about your bottles again. Now, only you have access to the alcohol in the house!

Why LiquorLock is for you

An Uncrackable seal- Make sure no one opens your wine bottle! Seal the top and the integrity of the bottle will never be cracked without your consent!

Only for you- You don’t need to lock or hide your bottles from kids or friends anymore. LiquorLock is all you need to keep the wine just for you!

Your wine safe- Just like a safe, LiquorLock uses a lock combination to open. Create your password and it will seal shut!

LiquorLock is the ultimate choice- Now you can keep your wine safe from prowling eyes and leakage to keep its full taste only for you!

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